808 Sample Pack - Moog Subsequent 37


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Make your speakers shake with the Moog sound!

We developed and recorded various 808 basses on a MOOG Subsequent 37. The result: One of the best 808 sample packs ever! The warmth of a Moog analogue synth is hard to recreate with plug-ins, which is what makes this sample pack so unique.

We created a total of 9 patches in the Moog Subsequent 37, which we then recorded with 4 different release and sustain times. Depending on the song, sometimes you need "long" 808 samples that decay long after the percussive beat, or "short" 808 samples that decay faster. Our different samples give you the flexibility to find just the right length for each song.

Here are 3 loop examples from our 808 Sample Pack:

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There are a lot of royalty-free 808 sample packs out there, and finding the right ones can be tricky. Over the many years I've been making hip-hop beats (and other genres), I've downloaded countless 808 sample packs, some of which were really good, but others were just awful.

A big problem nowadays is that many people who sell samples use samples from other producers/sample packs and simply rename them. This means that if you buy a lot of 808 sample packs and try them out, you will very often find the same 808 sample across different sample packs.

With our pack you can be sure that all samples are unique, because they were created with a Moog Subsequent 37 analogue synthesizer. This is known for its amazing low-end and bass synthesis capabilities and is used by many famous producers.

100% Analogue

The original Roland TR-808 drum machine was introduced in 1980 and since then the 808 kick sound has arguably become one of the most iconic and well-known sounds in music production.

In recent years, producers have pushed the boundaries of 808s, shaping them with distortion, saturation, eq and compression into sounds that are very different from the original Roland 808 drum samples. It's no different with us. We've taken advantage of the myriad possibilities of an analogue Moog synth to overdrive the oscillators in various ways and create aggressive and crunchy 808 samples.

Nowadays, the 808 drum kit is still used everywhere, especially in modern hip-hop and trap music. Even though it is not a direct sample of the original 808 drum machine, most people refer to any sub-frequency sine wave with a fast and percussive attack as an "808". This "percussive" sound is achieved by changing the pitch (Pitch) of the VCO in the synthesiser oscillates rapidly, so that the pitch drops very quickly.

Moog Subsequent 37

The evolution of the Moog Sub 37, the best-selling vintage synthesizer The Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizer is the company's flagship and Moog's most advanced analogue machine. One of the most awarded high-end synthesizers of today. It replaces the Sub Phatty and the famous, best-selling Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition to adapt to the market and the needs of the modern electronic music composer.

To this end, the Subsequent 37 has been reworked inside to create a unique way of synthesising music. For years, the Sub 37 has been considered the company's best-selling synthesiser and the benchmark for the analogue world. Its distinctive, inexhaustible sound has been part of the most charismatic productions. Because it is not a Moog Mini, the Moog Sub 37's dimensions have made it the ideal studio device for many musicians until now.

However, it was time to adapt to the new times. The American company was aware of this and took a radical turn in production with the development of the Subsequent 37. A true marvel with the modernised inner workings of the Moog Sub37 and an international award-winning design on the front. The Moog Sub 37 synthesizer has been out of production for a few years and it is virtually impossible to find a new one.

However, if you look long enough, you might be able to find a used Moog Sub 37 and download a Sub 37 tutorial, as the company has discontinued support for this machine. If you are thinking of buying a high-end synthesizer and you are a lover of the real Moog sound, the following 37 is the perfect choice for you. But keep in mind that the following 37 is a complex machine that is slow to learn and takes time to master.

Stand out from the crowd with the Moog sound!

If you're looking for an exceptional 808 sample pack without having to slog through the same recycled 808s that are just renamed and put into different sample packs, we've created this unique 808 Sample Pack for you.

Moog Subsequent 37 - 808 Samples" delivers a unique collection of hard-hitting, edgy, tight and punchy bass 808 samples that cut through the mix very easily.

Whether you're making hip hop, trap, pop, future bass or EDM, these 808 samples will help you give your mixes a much better low end!

All samples are 100% licence-free and can be used with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Studio One and all common DAWs and samplers (hardware and software).

For beginners and professionals

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced producer/beatmaker, a solid collection of unique, professional-quality 808 samples can give you the edge. Even if you don't produce hip-hop, many other genres, such as house or future bass, often contain 808 sounds.

Most DAWs include some 808 samples by default, but if you're serious about music production, you shouldn't always use the default DAW sounds.